Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Undying feeling

People use to feel free about what there need, but not all of it. When u get what you need but not what you want, you appreciate the things that you should not appreciate, you claim that you are happy but not in the inside of you, you hope that someone will save you from the dark side of you but no one will help you. The feeling of happiness is always by your side, but can you create the negative energy to a positive energy?.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Hole

I'm losing my path without realizing it, and this mistake make an impact inside of me and poke my flesh and when its end ill find the light and a door to return to the path ill search.With a huge sin with me, ill try and try to be back with the creator of us.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Savior

My oh my. aku nk blk uitm ni pg ni, tp transport lansong tkd, habis semua orng aku call tk dpt, penuh, dan berbagai-bagai lg(wahahahaahha), dan akhirnye penyelamatku hadirkn diri semasa aku call dia, cun aku selamat dr transport. Yelah barang aku da la mcm nk pg pindah ruma, klu naik bus mampus aku. Buat information terkini   aku lps masuk uitm je akn jarang2 update blog. Harap maaf n semoga berjumpa lg n happy new year people CHEER.

Gold Coast

1 pg sebelum new year yg agk mengasikkn(hahahahaha),the last road trip for this year(2010) n we make it n enjoy it. Near the Palm Tree Resort, Bagan Lalang.

gold coast


Palm Tree Resort boarder 

Rest In Peace

Happy 2011 New Year MALAYSIA